TWO Immersion



For many, the spiritual journey is one of discovering, defining, and redefining the individual self.

While this may be a healthy and natural part of adult development, it may result in a longing for something more. 


Modern science has shown that we exist as part of a living, complex system of interdependence. The coronavirus pandemic has provided more than enough evidence that there is no such thing as “pure” independence. Everything depends and leans upon everything else.


The purpose of this immersive experience is to discover a dimension of self that is in continual exchange with all of life. It is an invitation into increased awareness of the intimacy that sustains and moves life into greater complexity and consciousness.

TWO is a community that is committed to exploring these realities. Through embodied partner practice you will have the opportunity to be immersed into this loving community and share in the exploration. Together we will be attuning to each other and experiencing the dynamism of our fluid center. Giving words to our direct experience of the invisible.


The Immersion is offered several times throughout the year. Each immersion begins with a two-hour introductory session and continues with one month’s access to TWO practice sessions and community gatherings. The cost is $175 per person.


Everyone's full participation is essential to the experience. If you choose to participate, you will be committing to the following:

  • One 2 hour introductory session

  • A minimum of two 1 hour practice sessions per week

  • One 90 minute community gathering.


Following the course, you will be invited to join an ongoing community immersed in a way of being that is informed by the intelligence of our living union.

The We ONEing is grateful for the influence of great mystics and evolutionary leaders such as Beatrice Bruteau, Brian Swimme, Cynthia Bourgeault, Richard Rohr, Ilia Delio, and for the influence of a variety of We-Space practices including Mutual Awakening.


How to easily access the goodness, beauty and truth in yourself and others


Your capacity to perceive and participate with your whole being


How to remain in relationship while holding conflicting and/or reactive emotions


Your sense of spiritual authority in groups so you will not be dependent on a specific teacher or facilitator