T.W.O. Practice Sessions



*Please note: The ONEing 101 Course is a pre-requisite to join this community.

The We ONEing (TWO) facilitates a practice community immersed in a way of being that is informed by the intelligence of our living union. We provide a virtual space where meetings are held online (using the Zoom platform) allowing us to see one another as we practice.

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We know the experiences of sacred intimacy and infinite divine abundance that we create together are priceless and meet a deep longing for connection that many people carry. We also know that in the physical reality we live in, financial limitations are real.


In the spirit of coming from both unlimited divine abundance and your human reality – these questions are offered for you to use as you consider your member payment options:


  • How are your values being cultivated by your participation in TWO?

  • How will you nourish and be nourished by your participation and financial contribution to TWO?

  • How is your participation in TWO influencing and illuminating you in your life?

  • How important do you feel this work is for the world right now?